GSoC 2013 Accepted

Google Summer of Code 2013

It is such a wonderful moment when I recieved a welcome letter from Carol Smith: I was accepted by GSoC 2013 under Monkey HTTP Daemon project! Use the code, Luke! This summer is going to be awesome and unforgettable!

During the summer I will be working on Duda I/O packages which will provide support for relational databases (MariaDB/Postgresql). All the stuffs related to my project will be posted on this blog to keep the community informed.

At last I want to share some tips that might help to get your proposals accepted:

  1. choose those that suit your interest and start as early as possible.
  2. keep in touch with the community (via IRC, mailing list, etc.).
  3. get familiar with the community workflow.
  4. submit some patches to your applying projects.
  5. discuss your ideas and request some feedback.
  6. write a detailed proposal about your ideas.