GSoC Status: Week 3

This week I spent most of my time implementing the MariaDB package, it is still incomplete but I’ve pushed it to Github, check it out if you are interested.

The problem I am currently stuck is for every continue part of the asynchronous version MariaDB APIs, we need to pass the ready_status(bitmask of all events occurred on a MariaDB connection socket) in able to issue the call. However, the socket event callback functions are spilt into five sepreated functions, and every function only knows the corresponding event it shall handle but no idea about all the events available on the MariaDB socket. This makes it more tricky to write the callback functions right, I need to make sure what events actually occurs on every stage of a MariaDB’s connection lifecycle.

Meanwhile, I am also discussing with Eduardo Silva to see what we can do with it. He did offer me some useful advinces and will show me some examples later. And as he recommended, we may add connection pool support to our MariaDB package to avoid connect-on-demand mechanism.

For the next week, I will keep hard working on making the implementation complete and integrate it with Duda.