GSoC Status: Week 9

This week I am happy to announce the basic PostgreSQL package can pass the build process and integrate with Monkey. The asynchronous query handling have been added to the package and serveral bugs got fixed. I wrote some tests to make sure it really worked out. You may want to have a look at the package.

Another stuff worth to mention about is I got a bug report for my MariaDB package (thanks to C1H1O3 on the irc), it is a good sign that someone is evaluating and testing the package because that will make it more stable and robust.

I tried to reproduce the bug and traced the code with gdb, after several tests I figured out the MariaDB package seemed to work properly. I wondered it might be a bug from the Duda framework so I set up another tests without using MariaDB package and could still reproduce the bug. It turned out to be a bug hidden in Duda and I have reported it on the irc, edsiper will take care of it and I will see what I can help.

C1H1O3 also advised me to use configuration file for connection pool parameters, which seems like a good idea as we don’t need to rebuild the application if all we need is just to change the parameters.

Here are some tasks I will be hanlding for the next week: * add connection pooling support to the PostgreSQL package * as there are often more than one function to do the same thing in PostgreSQL client libray libpq, I will add the sibling functions to the APIs of package to make it more flexible.