GSoC Status: Week 11-12

In the first half of week 11, I spent most of my time completing the documentation of the PostgreSQL package. You may check it out here. Bugs and typos were fixed for that package as well.

After that I travelled back home to take a short break and stay with my dear family. For this reason week 12 was mostly occupied by family and friends. It is always comfortable and enjoyable when you can kick back and talk about your recent status with them!

Before I went home, I intended to make some fixes and continue the blog post with the working box in my apartment via VPN. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and all I got at home was a pretty old machine which can hardly open more than 4 tabs when browsing web. That’s why this post came late.

For next week I will be improving the codebases, both bug fixing and documentation polishing, as the final evaluation is coming. And two more sections of the internal blog will be accomplished.