GSoC Status: Week 13

This week I made some minor improvments to the Duda MariaDB package in order to shutdown client socket correctly if the database connection closes unexpectedly. Pagination had been added to the demo web services of both packages to make the examples more complete.

Meanwhile, the adventure of Monkey internals continued and I had finished two more sections of the blog (Scheduler and Clock), as I promised last week. If you find this interesting or want to make some contribution, please don’t hesitate to write me emails :–).

For the next week, the packages will start to be merged into the source base of duda, I will keep my eyes on that. Also, I will prepare for the hard ‘pencil down’ date, though no big changes will happen to the code bases, there might be room for tiny improvments. Last but not least, I will carry on with the internal blog, two more sections are expected to be finished by the end of next week.